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1450 Grand Parkway S

Suite G-469 | 77494

+1 (832)-620-0529

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Our History

Company's History

Dave & Kim Starr moved to Cinco Ranch in 1997 and found our wonderful pet sitter Diane with Pet Nannies. In 2003, we started working and caring for some of Diane’s client’s pets. In 2011, Diane retired and sold her business to Kim and Kim’s sister, Sherryl. We retained 100% of the existing clients. “Pet Nannies” was renamed and registered as “Katy Pet Nannies.” 2014 saw more changes as Sherryl retired and Dave entered the company full time after being laid off in the oil and gas field. Years later and Katy Pet Nannies is still going strong!

Kim & Dave's Stories

Dave Starr

Kim Starr

My parents allowed us to have a tropical fish aquarium while we were younger. My brother and I would feed and walk our neighbor’s dogs. We couldn’t have a dog of our own though until much later after we wore our parents down from all of our begging. My first dog was a Scottish Terrier from a rescue. Little did they realize that this instilled a great love of dogs in all three of their kids! Mom and Dad were not sure how or why that happened since they were not big fans of dog hair or accidents in the house.

 After we got married, our “family” has changed constantly as cats and dogs entered and departed our lives. We were always taking in strays. I have enjoyed getting involved with fostering puppies and kittens in the recent years. However, we always managed to keep at least one of them. I have also brought into the house a long term client’s Standard Schnauzer (Cayenne) when the owner moved into assisted living. I would take him to see his Dad regularly until Cayenne crossed the Rainbow Bridge at a ripe old age. He was a very stubborn senior pup!

I spent my first decade growing up on a farm with pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, dogs, and cats (always strays wandering in). While we didn’t have horses or cows, we were at family and / or friend’s farms to interact with them. We played games of catching frogs, crickets, lizards, lightening bugs, or whatever little creature was around.

The MOST exciting thing that happened to me was when a deer came up for food and attention! This was when I was around 4 years old. The scariest thing? My father and uncle chasing us with HUGE snakes draped over their shoulders. They thought it was SO funny! Sorry, I am still not a fan of feeding snakes.

When my family moved from the farm to a house on a lake with woods all around, I had great times wandering in them, observing the wildlife, and caring for any animal I could help. My family hunts, I do not. Of course, they refused to take me along on their hunts since I did my best to scare any and all critters away!

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