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Frequently Asked Questions

At each visit, our pet sitters will do a visual spot check of the areas open to the pets and clean any accidents to the best of their ability. Katy Pet Nannies is neither responsible for any stains that may result nor are we responsible for any accidents that may occur between our last scheduled visit and the time you return home. Some pets may soil an area out of spite of you being gone or may be so excited when they hear you drive in that they lose control. Newspaper tends to stick to the floor when wet and is extremely messy to clean up if it has been used numerous times. We strongly recommend other products on the market for household accidents. Additional charges may apply if the visit is extended due to cleaning.

Katy Pet Nannies is more than willing to de-activate your alarm when entering your residence and then setting it again when we leave. We highly recommend that you set up a separate security code for the pet sitters' exclusive use.

Yes, we are happy to be a contact for your security company. You will need to let Katy Pet Nannies know what action you wish to be taken if we are contacted. If you wish us to physically enter your home when an alarm is sounded, you will need to sign an "Admission Authorization" form stating that we are allowed to enter your home even if we are not currently caring for your pet(s). A standard visit rate will be charged.

We do not discriminate against the type of pet or breed of dog. The meeting allows us to evaluate the temperament of the pets and whether we will be able to safely care for them.

Katy Pet Nannies does NOT board. The answer to the second question is: it depends. How many pets do you need to board? Does the kennel charge extra for any "basic" service? Is there an extra charge to administer medications? Do you still need someone to come into your house and care for your cats, birds and fish? Will you pay extra for the holidays or because the operating hours extend your pets' stay?

Katy Pet Nannies is a fully insured company and all team members are covered. Employees must pass a background check and are covered by worker's compensation. Liability insurance is null and void when a key is left outside your home and not physically in our possession.

Katy Pet Nannies does not normally charge for cancellations with the following exceptions: 1) if the non-holiday scheduled time frame is canceled less than 24 hours from your departure time; or 2) a holiday scheduled set of visits is canceled less than 7 days prior to departure. You will be charged 50 percent of the total invoice.

Mid-day visits while you’re at work do not have cancellation fees. However, you will still be charged for the visit if we are on our way or show up and you are home.

Katy Pet Nannies does have magnetic car signs that we may use on our vehicles but they will be removed before we arrive at your home.

Even if you tell us that your cat is allowed outside, we will not bring them outside. Unless your cat knows and trusts us completely, we cannot guarantee you that we will be able to get your cat back inside. They are great jumpers! Sometimes cats do escape. Your professional pet sitter will try their best to catch and put your cat back inside your home.

We try to interact with all cats, including the shy ones. If we are not able to interact with your shy cat, we need to know their favorite hiding spots so we are able to make a visual spot check. If we are not able to make the visual, we will closely monitor the food and water intake along with the litter box usage to try to determine if they are well. Of course, we monitor that for the friendly cats also. We are not responsible if we cannot find kitty due to an open floor plan or the kitty hiding up inside a piece of furniture.

Visits for only cats have no exceptions pricing wise. It takes the same amount of time for us to drive to your house as it does if you had dogs.

You may call us at our office 281-395-0182 to leave a voicemail, text 832-620-0529, or email us at Phone calls will be returned as quickly as possible during normal business hours between pet visits. We do not take or return calls while we are visiting a client's house or driving. Sometimes problems occur that are out of our control so please call (again) if you haven't heard from us within 24 hours. If you have a question about payments, you can also give us a shout. Please consult our Services page for our services. Price estimates are given.

We will happily give you daily updates if requested. You will let us know what type of update you want. Phone calls or texts received after 8 PM will be returned the next day.

Among the suggestions are:  1) update you pet(s) profile(s); 2) locate a few places you can go with your pet(s) in case of an emergency; 3) have an evacuation kit that includes at least one (1) weeks' worth of food and medicine along with bottled water, collapsible bowls, veterinarian records, leashes with pet ID tags, and a blanket; and 4) if you aren't able to evacuate your pet(s), put a rescue alert sticker on a visible window stating the number and types of pets inside the home.

We do not know that your dog will obey our commands as well as they do you. For their safety, we will NEVER allow them to be off-leash when not in the security of a fenced yard, unless we know them very well.

First Aid kits are always in our possession and our team members are certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.

Scheduling is on a first come, first serve basis. Katy Pet Nannies will visit at the requested times as closely as possible. However, if an unforeseen situation arises, visit times may be adjusted accordingly. BOOK EARLY FOR HOLIDAYS! Go to our scheduling page.

We are concerned about the welfare of your pet(s) and would like to stress the importance of an "I'm home" call. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and flights are delayed so, for the welfare of your "fur babies," please let us know you arrived home safely.

If your pet sitter has made the last scheduled visit and we do not receive a call from you, we will try to contact you prior to what a "next normal visit" time would be. If we are not sure you're home, your pet sitter will make a trip to your house to care for your pet(s). You will be charged for an additional visit.

If you return home early, forget to notify us and we show up for the scheduled visit, the visit charge will still apply. We have spent the same gas and time traveling as we do when you aren't home.

Two (2) keys are required at the initial consultation. A key must be made available even if you give us a garage door opener or a keypad entry code to use. We may not be able to enter your home with an opener (or keypad) if there is a power outage or a dead battery. You give Katy Pet Nannies authorization to make a second key if you do not provide two (2) keys. The cost of making the key will be added to your invoice along with $10 per trip.

For the safety of your belongings, pets, and our sitters, we strongly advise against leaving keys unsecured outside your residence. One option is for you to purchase a lock box that is kept outside your home in a hidden location. We will then need the combination to the lock box.

Katy Pet Nannies will keep all keys in a locked location separate from your personal information. Your keys will be assigned a number and a tag will be attached that will have your initials, mailbox number, and codes. No street address or pets names will be on the tags.

We will give oral medications per your instructions as long the pet sitter is able to safely administer them. There may be an additional charge if your pet is uncooperative and the visit lasts longer than the standard visit time.

We offer services to monitor your house and give it a "lived-in" look while you're away. Or you may hire us to water your plants while on vacation.

We start these visits at 11 AM. Night shift? No problem! We have professional team members available for that too!

We at Katy Pet Nannies are continuously assessing organizations for pet professionals to determine whether we will become members. A few of the organizations we are proud members of include NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, PSI (Pet Sitters International), and Pet Professional Guild which adheres to force free training.

It takes us the same amount of time and gas to get to your house as it would if your pet was indoors. Your pet sitter will interact just as much with the outside pet as the inside one. Also be aware that Katy Pet Nannies cannot guarantee the safety of your outside pet(s). There are numerous other circumstances outside of our control that may occur and, thus, we cannot accept responsibility for such.

We have a pet guardianship form we require you to fill out for us to keep on file. We will follow your instructions.

Katy Pet Nannies accepts cash, checks payable to Katy Pet Nannies, PayPal, and credit cards. Payment is due prior to the first visit.

All data is kept in a secured location. Katy Pet Nannies will keep all keys in a locked location separate from your personal information.

At Katy Pet Nannies, your privacy and assets are a principal concern to us. In order to provide you with the best service possible, and protect you and your assets, we have certain requirements and policies that we have put into practice. If someone arrives at your house while we are contracted with you, we will inform them that we are performing services per your request, and that you are currently unavailable.

Our pet sitters will do their best to make the scheduled visit(s) to ensure the welfare of your "fur babies" but, if we deem the roads and weather to be unsafe, we will not be able to make the visit. We will then make a visit as soon as safely possible. We will keep you informed, if possible. (Phones, both land lines and cell, may not be operational.) If we are aware of potential bad weather, we will take every precautionary step we can at the visit(s) beforehand.

We will be happy to send you a picture daily of your pet(s) while we are caring for them! You will indicate on the booking contract if your authorize us to use your pet(s) pictures on our website or any promotional material.

We are able to give references...but in a round-about way. Due to privacy issues, Katy Pet Nannies will not give out names, phone numbers, or email addresses without the explicit permission from the established client each time. We ask if we can give your name, phone number, and email address to the reference instead.

We do have a referral program! Refer a person that schedules a visit and receive a free visit during your next set of visits!

Katy Pet Nannies recommends one (1) visit per day for cats and three (3) visits per day for dogs (unless you have a doggy door). Our job isn't to just attend to the physical needs of the pet but also to cater to that pet's need for physical contact (socialization) and personal attention. You may know that your dog has been able to "hold it in" for 12 or more hours but that does not mean that your dog is comfortable doing so or isn't in pain because of it. (Think how you feel when you REALLY need to relieve yourself!)

Cats have been known to get into dangerous situations. We have found them caught in window blinds, behind washers and dryers, trapped behind closed doors, or injured due to a fight with their housemates. We want to minimize the length of time they are in trouble.

This is determined during the initial meeting. You tell us what your pets are used to. Can your dog go 10 - 12 hours during the night without going out to relieve themselves? What time do you want your pet(s) to be fed? What is their normal bedtime? We will also take into consideration your departure and arrival times.

Katy Pet Nannies must have a meeting with you to be introduced to any dogs. This ensures that you are telling them it's okay for us to enter their territory among other things. We CAN schedule visits for cats that we haven't met.

Katy Pet Nannies reserves the right to enlist other professional pet sitters.

Due to liability issues, we cannot share pet visits with a friend's child, no matter how mature they are.

All visits will be tailored to your personal needs and priced accordingly. You can view specific services on our services page.

This is entirely at your discretion. Your professional pet sitter will keep 100% of the tip.

Your pet sitter will give the treats you supply to your cats and dogs per your instructions.

We will keep you informed of any medical issue that may arise while you're away. We will ask your permission to take him or her to their vet. However, if we are not able to get ahold of you or feel that your pet is in distress, we will make the decision to visit the vet. This will be billed to you at Katy Pet Nannies' hourly rate (minimum one (11) hour) plus the veterinarian costs. We must have a completed and signed Veterinarian's Release Form on file.

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